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Social Media Starter -3 Months

What will you get?
Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest
8 posts/month
4 stories/month
Schedule & Planning
Monthly Report
3 Months Management
How do we Work?
Here is the timeline for every month management
1.Monthly Planner on Excel
At the beginning of every month, we create an excel file with the program of the following month
2. Weekly posts creation
Every week we create the content that is going to be published during the following week
3. Weekly scheduling on Facebook Meta Suite
We schedule the content on meta business planner so you can approve it
4. Monthly Report
At the end of every month we are going to have a call to discuss on the results of the month
What will we need?
~15' Call to Get the required access on your Business Pages or to Create Your New Pages ~A folder of your footage (logos, photos or videos) ~ Your Approval Of the Posts
Need a Free Cosnultation Call first?
Don't Worry, we are here for you!

Yes, you can upgrade your subscription every time you’d like. You can also downgrade your subscription if you are on a monthly plan but you can’t if you have chosen a 3 month plan as it is a package on sale.

Yes, the cost of the ads goes directly to Facebook and it depends on you budget. We will offer you an advertising strategy according to your budget and create and optimise the ads.

You can get a complete refund if you wish to cancel the project in the first 7 days of your subscription. Also, we guarantee that you will get a refund if we are unable to deliver your project. However, if we have already started working on your project there is not the possibility of a refund. 

If, for any reason, you cannot respond in time so we can have the approval of the posts, the posts will be considered as approved and we are going to proceed with publishing them.

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300,00  (VAT is not included) for 3 months

Social Media Starter -3 Months

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