What do we offer?
How do we Work?
We need to create the high-end logo you've dreamed of. Because of the complexity of the project and also for your satisfaction we create the project in milestones.
Here are the steps of the project:
Zoom Meeting
Discussion on your project and preferences
Payment in advance
Delivery of three initial concepts
3 different ideas using different styles, fonts and color palettes.
After 1 Week
Revisions on the final concept
After you choose the concept you prefer we will deliver 5 more versions of the concept according to your preferences
1-3 Days
Delivery of the Logo
Delivery of the Logo in all formats you will need (jpeg,png,esp,pdf) and all versions (vertical, horizontal, different backgrounds) along with all extra branding material you will need.
1-3 Days
What will we need?
~ 15' Call to discuss on your preferences ~ Extra reference images or links if they exist ~ 15' Call to discuss on any revisions you may need

Usually, our first three proposals on your logo concepts are quite different from each other and cover a wide range of styles and ideas so you can see some different points of view and evaluate the idea that matches you the most. However, we can discuss again on your preferences and look at some more references to offer you another concept of logo if you need it.

Don’t worry! It’s very important for us to deliver the best we can for our clients. That’s why we are going to have a discussion with you before and after the delivery of the project so you can tell us your revisions.

We guarantee that you will get a refund if we are unable to deliver your project. However, if we have already started working on your project and we have submitted our work there is not the possibility of a refund. 

If, for any reason, you cannot respond in time so we can have the approval to proceed on the project don’t worry! The project will be kept open for 3 months so we can go on later when you’ll have the time. However, after 3 months of no respond the project will be marked as closed.

Recent Projects
Logo Design & Brand Guidelines
3 initial concepts, Unlimited Revisions on final concept, Complete Brand Book & Brand Guidelines


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Solonos 53, Kolonaki, Athens, 10672, Greece
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Solonos 53, Kolonaki, Athens, 10672, Greece
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